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Becoming an Adult Member of CAP

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CAP depends on its active adult members (referred to as Senior Members) to accomplish CAP missions, run its units, care for its cadets, be pillars of their communities and to be outstanding local ambassadors as members of the Total Force. To empower Senior Member success, CAP has developed a comprehensive Professional Development Program to assist its members in learning about CAP, honing their leadership and management skills, and performing the critical tasks to important to CAP's operations.

CAP maintains over 550 powered aircraft (C172, C182, C205, and GA-8) and approximately 50 gliders. Aircraft are used to perform missions in support of local communities and the nation. For Senior Members who are certificated pilots, they have access to CAP qualification programs to fly CAP aircraft to perform multiple missions. These include: Emergency Services missions, cadet orientation flights, etc. To see the steps required to become a CAP Pilot, you can click on the following link to be taken to “Pilot” pages on the web site: CAP Pilot.

Most CAP Senior Members are not pilots and many do not intend to be. There are many paths and ways to be critically involved in CAP without having anything to do with the actual flight operations, if desired. These activities are critical to CAP's mission. CAP members work every day to help assure the safety of their communities through disaster relief, search and rescue and other vital missions through the Emergency Services program. To learn more about becoming active in the Emergency Services Community, please choose from the following: 
Ground Personnel

America's greatest resource is our youth. CAP is committed to assisting youth to be the best they can possibly be in the classroom, through physical fitness, and through community service and leadership. Our cadets need motivated senior members to serve as role models and leaders to guide them. Learn more about working with cadets.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) are the keystones to our country's technological success. Paramount to igniting the curiosity of future generations are resources, ideas and role models who make these subjects "come alive" for youth. CAP provides world-class STEM lesson plans, hands-on activities, and rewards for our nation's teachers to use to stimulate their students. CAP continues to need motivated adult members to help bring the message to the classroom and assist our own cadets in learning about the wonders and significant opportunities of the aerospace world.  Learn more about working with Aerospace Education.

CAP provides interested members with the opportunity to serve the organization is a very special way: providing ministry, care, and service in a variety of venues. Learn more about the CAP Chaplain Corps.

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